Africa and international law: An ode to Taslim Olawale Elias

Elvis Mogesa Ongiri


  • Elvis Ongiri



Afrocentricity, TWAIL, international law, Exclusive Economic Zone, history of international law


The study of great personalities is an important venture as it retains
the relevant cultural traditions and values and depicts the evolution of
legal thought and practice. This is a study of the Nigerian jurist, Taslim
Olawale Elias, in the form of a biographic. This paper aims to continue
research, exploring the legacies of past greats African thinkers and their
contributions to the present state of affairs. It focuses on Elias’ contribution
to the understanding of the involvement of Africa in the development of
international law, the workings of the International Court of Justice, and
finally, the emergent trends of public international law.


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Author Biography

Elvis Ongiri

Elvis Ongiri Mogesa is a second year student at Kabarak Law School and a trainee editor at Kabarak Law Review




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Ongiri, E. (2023). Africa and international law: An ode to Taslim Olawale Elias: Elvis Mogesa Ongiri. Kabarak Law Review, 2, 111–124.