• Kabarak Law Review Volume
    Vol. 3 (2024)

    In this issue of the Kabarak Law Review, we are delving deep into Kenya's journey toward republicanism, scrutinising its progress over the past sixty (60) years. We are not just reflecting; we're dissecting, analysing, and challenging perceptions. The issue aims to dissect the trajectory of republicanism in Kenya by scrutinising the evolution of the imperial presidency to gauging the vitality of public participation in recent legislative endeavors, our goal is to unravel the complexities that define our nation's governance.

  • Kabarak Law Review
    Vol. 1 (2022)

    Students of Kabarak University School of Law present the very first volume of the Kabarak Law Review. This first volume analyses various topics including; the rights of individuals living with albinism, political integrity in Kenyan politics, bilateral investment treaties (BITs), the right to health amidst corruption in the health sector, interdisciplinary reflections on the law and other disciplines, and structural interdicts in Kenyan constitutional law.

    To redress the poor knowledge among contemporary university students of the contributions of great African thinkers, Kabarak Law Review hosts a section titled ‘Honour your elders’. In this issue, the legacy of FX Njenga is explored. Furthermore, the Journal consists of a police accountability section with four articles written in tribute to our fallen brothers: the Kianjokoma Brothers.