Structural interdicts in Kenyan constitutional law


  • Martha Chinyavu Muzungu Moi University



The promulgation of the Constitution of Kenya 2010 marked the start of a new era. No longer were we a nation subject to the will of the president or left at the mercy of parliament. The Constitution, as it strongly proclaims, was the supreme law of the land towering over every other law and person. It draws this position of power from the Kenyan people as the people who elected for it to be the law that ruled over the land. It is therefore no surprise that the rights it grants the people are not only prominently placed but are subject to great protection from violation and encroachment.


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Author Biography

Martha Chinyavu Muzungu, Moi University

Martha Chinyavu Muzungu is a law graduate from Moi University. She was Editor-in-Chief of Moi University’s law journal. She is currently undertaking the Advocate Training Programme at the Kenya School of Law. She has an interest in commercial law, particularly commercial arbitration.



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Chinyavu Muzungu, M. (2022). Structural interdicts in Kenyan constitutional law. Kabarak Law Review, 1, 145–161.