• Kabarak Journal of Law and Ethics
    Vol. 7 (2023)

    Kabarak Journal of Law & Ethics (KJLE) is the flagship publication of the Kabarak Law School (KLS). It is published by the Kabarak University Press (KABU Press). This will be the seventh volume of KJLE. KLS is pleased to invite submissions for its seventh issue [Volume (7) 2023] which is expected to be published in June 2023.

    We are inviting papers, book reviews and case discussions that will propose ground-breaking academic contributions to the discourse on governance and the rule of law in Africa. We invite submissions in two categories: Focus on the Children Act 2022 and Focus on the Education of the African ChildWe will also have a section of short pieces which highlight significant changes in the law.



  • Kabarak University

    Kabarak Journal of Law and Ethics
    Vol. 6 No. 1 (2022)

    The editorial team of the Kabarak Journal of Law and Ethics is pleased to usher in our latest issue. Volume 6 of the KJLE was due in December 2021. And as the world was rocking under the uncertainty of a pandemic, the editorial team was itself experiencing transition in the strangest of times. A new editorial team was appointed in 2021, with the immediate former editorial team taking up the reigns in the sister periodicals at Kabarak Law School, African Journal of Commercial Law (AJCL) (JA Omolo) and the East African Community Law Journal (Edmond Shikoli).
  • Kabarak Journal of Law and Ethics
    Vol. 5 No. 1 (2020)

    It gives us great pleasure to once more present to you the latest edition of the Journal of Law and Ethics. The JLE continues to distinguish itself as the leading publication on topical governance issues and in this edition, the array of issues covered spans from the exercise of jurisdiction by the Supreme Court of Kenya to regulation of cartels, taming the excesses of discretion in public procurement, public participation in county budgeting processes, improving fisheries regulation, creating accountability in county government impeachment processes and even the BBI process, one of the issues that has stirred up heated debates since 2018. The breadth of issues covered is not limited to Kenya but also extends to other countries in the region. Two articles in this edition enlighten us on the concept of plea bargaining and the extent of youth political participation rights as they apply in Nigeria. By dint of this expanse, our readers will have the benefit of understanding governance issues in the context of the wider African region.
  • Kabarak Journal of Law and Ethics
    Vol. 4 No. 1 (2019)

    We are pleased to bring you the Fourth Edition of the Journal of Law and Ethics. The JLE is the flagship publication of the Centre for Jurisprudence and Constitutional Studies and has continued to offer a platform for discourse on various public law issues, and particularly to advance the discourse on good governance.This year’s edition picks up on the ongoing national discourse on the Rule of Law and the War on Corruption and five of the ten articles featured in this edition are dedicated to engaging this matter from different perspectives. Renowned democracy expert Thomas Franck posited that ‘[h]istory has warned, repeatedly, that the natural right of all people to liberty and democracy is too precious, and too vulnerable, to be entrusted entirely to those who govern.

  • Kabarak Journal of Law and Ethics
    Vol. 3 No. 1 (2018)

    Kabarak Law School continues to set the pace in the discourse on constitu-tionalism and governance in this country. Together with the Constitutionalism and Governance Expert Lecture Series, this journal contributes to the discourse on good governance in the region, with the aspiration of remaining the thought leader on the subject.While the focus of the journal has remained true to good governance, the niche area of the school, the editorial team is pleased with the wide range of topics and the breadth of scholars from whom the articles carried in this edition are drawn. In addition to the debate this edition features diverse peer reviewed articles in the areas of public law.