An unhealthy state of affairs

The dilemma in the fight against corruption and the right to health


  • Onesmus W Musungu Kabarak University



Corruption has found its place not only in the society at national level but also globally. Yetunde Aluko in her article ‘Corruption in Nigeria: Concept and dimensions. Anti-corruption reforms in Nigeria since 1999’1 opined that corruption has transcended national boundaries and is therefore not a preserve of any nation, race or section of the world. Some people believe that corruption is becoming a culture and hence a way of life. Corruption has been unlawfully entrenched in our society and has become part of the society’s norms and culture. This article seeks to unravel the ‘place’ of corruption in our health facilities and how it has destabilised the health system leading to the poor implementation of Article 43(1) of the Constitution of Kenya (2010). This article suggests possible legal and societal approaches to curb the practice of corruption and ensure the right to health is progressively realised.


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Author Biography

Onesmus W Musungu, Kabarak University

The author is an LLB graduate from Kabarak University. He is currently a student undertaking his diploma in law at the Kenya School of Law. He is a member of the Kabarak Law Review Editorial Board 2021-2022.



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W Musungu, O. (2022). An unhealthy state of affairs: The dilemma in the fight against corruption and the right to health. Kabarak Law Review, 1, 107–128.