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CALL FOR PAPERS: Kabarak Law Review Volume 3


In 1964 the Republic of Kenya was born. Morris Mbondenyi and John Ambani define a true republic as one where the people play a predominant role in governance, being the source from which governmental authority flows from and that the government is meant to serve their welfare. 60 years later, the question of whether Kenya has truly lived up to the essence of republicanism hangs in the air.

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Vol. 3 (2024): Kabarak Law Review Volume
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In this issue of the Kabarak Law Review, we are delving deep into Kenya's journey toward republicanism, scrutinising its progress over the past sixty (60) years. We are not just reflecting; we're dissecting, analysing, and challenging perceptions. The issue aims to dissect the trajectory of republicanism in Kenya by scrutinising the evolution of the imperial presidency to gauging the vitality of public participation in recent legislative endeavors, our goal is to unravel the complexities that define our nation's governance.

Published: 2024-02-13
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