Mitigation Efforts of the Seventh Day Adventist Church Teachings to the Borabu/ Sotik Border 2007/8 Post Election Violence, Kenya





Mitigation, Adventist Church teachings, Viiolence


This paper presents mitigation efforts of the Seventh-day Adventist Church teachings to the Borabu/Sotik boarder 2007/8 violence. The paper is an outcome of a study which was conducted whose major objective was to investigate the role of the Adventists in the mitigation efforts to the 2007/8 post election violence along the Borabu/Sotik boarder. The area of study was Borabu  Sub county. The research is anchored on Aristotle’s institutionalization theory of the natural law which states the importance of natural law in guiding the choices of the Christians. The study adopted descriptive survey study design.  A sample size of 207 from a total population of 2070 was used.  A questionnaire with a 5 point Likert type scale was used to collect data. The major findings of the study were; Seventh –day Adventists along Borabu / Sotik border failed to abide by their known law and they also participated in the 2007/8 post election violence. Mechanisms of validating God’s law were found wanting as well. There were also challenges of security, social reform, historical injustices, and negation of both Christian and secular values. The findings will be useful to policy makers as a complimentary document to build a Kenya of love command and rule of law. The researchers recommend teaching of God’s law which may lead to harmonious co-existence.


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Tom Mong'are Nyagwoka. (2016). Mitigation Efforts of the Seventh Day Adventist Church Teachings to the Borabu/ Sotik Border 2007/8 Post Election Violence, Kenya. Kabarak Journal of Research & Innovation, 4(1), 62–74.

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